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My Spiritual Journey S6-E2 I Enjoyed our Smoke Together

We lost my uncle uncle Martin who lived in Shakleton Saskatchewan mid 2020. One day his life changed forever. He went from running his own seed cleaning business to literally not remembering anything and was very confused. His son (my cousin) Ken Andreas who I will always refer to as Kenny took him to the doctor and they diagnosed him with a brain tumour. Kenny and his dad had a very special and close bond and relationship. This threw Ken into turmoil. What was supposed to be a six-month deterioration happened within weeks.

Uncle Martin was put in the hospital and was so confused about his surroundings. I felt horrible that there was nothing I could do. I did what I could. I reached out and asked Kenny if I could do a Reiki distant session on my uncle hoping to help calm him, ease his mind, ease the headaches and give him some peace to rest. Kenny welcomingly accepted and told me to go for it. I went into my energy room. Lit my white candle and started imagining my uncle Martin laying in front of me. I started on his head and worked my way throughout his body using my Reiki positions. Spending extra time on his head. Later that evening I received a phone call from my auntie Roxy telling me that whatever I did completely calmed my uncle Martin. He had told my cousin Kenny how at peace he was. I continued to send my uncle Martin Reiki twice a day everyday until his passing. I just thought if I could give him any little bit of comfort in this time then it was worth it. It is all positive energy so it could not hurt him. In the months to come my cousin Kenny had a hard time sleeping and was having a hard time dealing with his dad’s passing. Of course, this was natural. My auntie Roxy suggested he just try a distant session with me. Kenny reached out and we set up a time. Again, I went downstairs to my energy room. Lit my candle. Lit some Dragon’s Blood incense and began my session. Derek happened to be sitting in the room with me as well. I could feel Kenny trying to relax. Trying to adjust laying on his back. I felt his exhaustion and his heart ache amongst other decisions running through his head. While sending the energy I did not know Derek had snapped a photo of the smoke from the incense. There in the smoke you could see the figure of a man laying down. We believe it to be my cousin Kenny receiving his Reiki. When the session was done, I texted Kenny and had him call me. I always tell my clients my experience and what I saw and felt first. Then I let them tell me. I explained I could feel he was trying to get comfortable. That I was nauseated while working on his neck, shoulders and back. I explained the beautiful colors of white, indigo blue, violet and green. Kenny was blown away. He had warm sensations, twitches and saw the same colors. He then explained that he cannot lay on his back due to an accident. But this time he laid on his back and felt a huge twinge of pain and a pop and his back pain completely went away and he was able to lay on his back for the first time. After talking with Kenny about his session my kitchen lights started flickering diming then getting very bright. It was in that exact moment I could feel the connection between my uncle Martin and his son Kenny. I was seeing Uncle Martin sitting at Kenny’s kitchen table. Uncle Martin then told me , “I really enjoyed the smoke we had together”…. Kenny did not smoke. I asked Kenny, “You don’t smoke?” He replied, “We had a smoke for dad with his own tobacco after his service.” Uncle Martin told me to tell Kenny to keep on talking to him in the bush. Kenny stated that he was talking out loud to his dad on his walk in the trees. I then asked if Kenny’s lights were going off and on as uncle Martin was showing me, he had been doing this and was getting a kick out of their reactions and laughing. Kenny confirmed this. Uncle Martin stated that he would leave feathers for Kenny and would send messages through songs on the radio. He is with Kenny and it is a very strong connection. He is so proud of his son for everything he has done in his life. I was given the honour of saying a few words the day Uncle Martin’s ashes were buried. He was smiling. He was happy. He felt at peace with the decisions that had been made. He will always be with you Kenny. Keep talking to him. Much love to you cousin xoxo.


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