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My Spiritual Journey S4-E4 The Entities could not Hold their Figures

I drove to my land ladies house. I said, “Instead of telling you, I will show you.” I showed her the pictures. She stated she wanted my son and I out of the house and to be safe. She gave me my damage deposit and rent back for the month. I explained that investigators were coming to the house if she was okay with that. She was fully on board one hundred percent.

I had dropped my son off with my dad and I went back to the house. I was outside visiting with the neighbour who I knew well. I told him we were moving out and he was saddened. I explained what was going on and he looked at me kind of sideways and laughed. He said everyone laughs that the house is cursed because every couple who had been in there split up. This was a true fact. I then spoke with the other neighbour and she was saddened as well. She didn’t say too much when I told her why but also looked at me a little side ways. It was expected. Unless you experience something like that it was hard to believe.

A lady and two men showed up to investigate. The lady who offered her basement to us came with me as she had previously lived there. I was nervous as hell. Even being in the house was putting me on edge. Derek was bummed out he couldn’t be there as he had fire practice that evening. As soon as the crew entered the house, they stated instantly they were nauseated coming up the walk way. They had cameras and EMF readers with them. I was sitting against the west wall in my couch chair and they were across from me on my couch. I started explaining some of the events. Then in synchronicity all three of them were turning their head watching something move from the kitchen and stop right beside me. I could have jumped out of my skin at that point. The man in middle spoke up and said, “There is a man standing right beside you, but he is not a man.” Oh, shit just got real! The lady then said, “He is a dark shadow man with almost like a snout for a nose.” I started screaming, “Oh my God, oh my God yes that’s him!” I then ran over with my phone and pulled up my picture. All three nodded their heads up and down with agreeance confirming that was what they were seeing. The man on the end told me I needed to calm down because it was feeding off of my energy. The lady spoke up and stated that many relationships do not last in this house because of the entities here. I kind of laughed and told her what the neighbour had just told me. She then explained that it fed off of negativity and people going through hard times. (I was a perfect source I guess seeing as what I just came out of with my past relationship). She said it wraps its hands around each couple’s neck and gets them arguing and then grows as it feeds off of the negative energy. The middle man told me because I was so sensitive to the energy I could not be there when they investigate. They wanted to come back the next night free of charge as there was so much activity.

The man on the end stated he wanted to go through the house and basement quick with a camera recording. After he came back, I had realized I still had clothes in my dryer downstairs. I had asked him to go back down with me while I collected them. As we headed down the stairs, I felt heavy. I grabbed my clothes and looked up. There hanging off of every nail in the floor joists on the ceiling there were grocery bags filled with a little bit of dryer lint in the bottoms of each one. The man said, “How interesting.” I asked him if they were on the ceiling when he went down stairs a few minutes prior. He stated he did not think so but would check the video camera. When we got back upstairs, he told the rest of the crew what we noticed. Playing the video back a few minutes, he noticed that no, there were no bags hanging from the ceiling when he had gone down there previously. The other man said the EMF readings were through the roof downstairs and the first thing that needed to be done was upgrade the wiring as the entities were also feeding off of the energy. They asked if we were sick a lot in the house. I told them about my son and the doctors visits. They said it was due to the EMF and that my son and I were perfect targets for the entities.

The lady from the crew then asked me to come outside with her. She said that some of the entities come across as children, but she did not like that as children did not look that way and they should have been crossed over. I told her of the little boy I caught on camera. I asked her what these entities were and she said at that point in time she did not want to open herself up. She wanted to go home and protect herself first because they were so dark and so strong. She also explained that a house only has four walls. When stuff like this occurs to go outside to discuss it as the house holds residual energy. She wanted to meet with the owners after the session as well and help them cleanse the house. She explained I needed to write out my events in a book and delete the photos from my phone while in the house. I could keep them else ware but not on my phone in the house.

Later that evening I had picked up my son and we were waiting at he house for his daycare worker to come and get him. He was so excited; they were going to the zoo the next day. Just seeing the smile on his face and the innocence in his eyes made me ten times stronger. After he left, I went into the house and packed like I had never packed before. Derek came by in the evening and helped me load up all of my belongings and took them to the basement suit we would be staying in. After the house was emptied, we had one more self investigation to do. We had purchased an EVP recorder and set it up. We would let it run overnight and come back to retrieve it.

The next day we came back to retrieve the recorder. Well let me tell you my skin was crawling when we listened to it. There were bumps, bangs, heavy breathing into the speakers, you could hear the door unlock and lock, doors slamming, the big BOOM Derek and I heard the one night, the furnace kicking in and out and footsteps.

The instigation crew came and did their investigation. I only spoke briefly with the lady in charge as it was now out of my hands and in the landlords. She did explain that when they were there all was very quiet. To the point they were going to leave. Then around midnight her words were, “All hell broke loose.” She stated that the entities could not hold their figures. They were trying to portray human figures but they couldn’t hold them. She stated they were drawn into the back addition of the house and to the crawl space. She said it was a very active night after that, but she would be moving forward with the landlords now.

All stayed quiet and calm in our lives for a little while. My son eventually stopped talking about the bad man. I would never bring it up but if he spoke about it, I just listened. It was a short while later we realized my son as well was gifted and very sensitive to spirit.

About a year later we ran into the landlord and she stated that she wanted to let me know what happened after the investigation. Supposedly there was dark history there on the land. There was a murder suicide. Child abuse, children locked under the sink all day. And a funeral needed to be done for the deceased. They placed crystals around and saged the home and property. The house wiring was redone and the house was painted and claimed. There was never another incident as the entities dissipated. That same night my past neighbour who I had lived beside approached me and said she was so sorry she did not believe me at first. She stated after I had moved out, she was in her kitchen baking and she turned around to see a little blonde haired, blue eyed boy in just a diaper staring at her. He held out his hand to her and in it was a dead mouse. She shooed the boy away and told him to go back to his mommy, to go back home. The little boy turned and left. She instantly felt bad and panicked because the little boy looked about the same age as my son and maybe he didn’t know ware his mommy or home was. She ran down her stairs and out the front door to the outside looking for him to help him. There were a group of kids playing in the street and she asked them ware the little boy went and they stated, “What little boy. There was no little boy here.”

There were never anymore events in the home after it was cleansed. Never again did another person in that home have another experience. These guys new what they were doing and cleared that home out completely.

But to this day there is one street light that turns off as soon as I get near it and turns back on after I have passed it saying as if it recognizes my energy. Recently on June 13th, 2020 I was taken to a house to do a cleansing in Millet. I felt a familiarity with the negative presence although not as strong. I was to move out the negative energy and welcome in the positive energy. Once the house was cleansed, we stepped outside for some fresh air. Just as Derek messaged me the street lamp went out (I was about three blocks away from the old house). I told the lady watch that lamp went out. As soon as I open Derek’s message the lamp will come back on. It sure as hell did.

Sitting here thinking about all of these events. It makes me realize our energy is recognizable in all forms. I know that entity knows my energy and I know its energy. I continue to keep myself and my family protected at all times spiritually. I am very careful when I approach any situation or energy work needed to be done. I know though deep in my heart I will cross paths with that entity one day. Whether it be on my path or someone else’s.


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