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My Spiritual Journey S1-E1 (So It Begins...)

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

I thought about blogging my Reiki Journey. But really to me it is more than that. I am going to blog about my Spiritual Journey. Reiki is a major part of this journey as it has opened so many more levels of knowledge and experience for me. But when it comes down to it…it is My Spiritual Journey.

So, it begins...I am a small girl living out in the country around the age of six. My Brother John and I (who was four years older and who I hold dear to my heart), would walk for miles each day with a back pack full of snacks and water headed to the woods. These adventures would last until night fall and we would either head back to the house on our own at night or run back when we heard our parents ringing the large cast iron bell, we had on our porch letting us know it was time to come home.

On these adventures we came across many deer, coyotes, beavers and various birds. The one that sticks out the most in memory is the black crow. This crow would follow us from the house, to the water, through the cut line, through the bush and into the middle of a meadow. This meadow…we will come back to the meadow later on. That crow would watch us with the most intense eyes. Eyes that you would get lost in. You could see your reflection in that crow’s eyes. The crow became a travel buddy who also seemed to warn us when coyotes were near by at a fresh kill. It would caw so loud that we stopped whatever we were doing and would just be frozen still to scared to move. Goose bumps up and down our arms and hair standing on the back of our necks. The crow would take off in flight and we would follow it. Soon we began to realize that the crow was taking us away from the hungry and protective coyotes eating their kill or keeping us away from their dens. Being that young we knew that crow was special. It was if he was sent to watch over us on our adventures and keep us safe. This continued to around the age of twelve when we moved to another town.

Along with noticing the crow around the age of six, I also noticed that I was very sensitive to others emotions and feelings. I knew exactly what kind of a mood someone was in before they spoke and those feelings overtook my emotions. Later I learned (at the age of 34) this was called being Empathic. Being Empathic at such a young age is a huge challenge and at times a burden because I did not understand why I could be so emotional when these emotions did not belong to me. Why was I taking on someone else’s feelings of anger, sadness, frustrations and fear? Because let me tell you not everyone is happy one hundred percent of the time! Those feelings of happiness I would have loved to have taken on more. And it wasn’t until I was older that I learned how to cut those Emotional Cords. We will get into that another day.

As I got older, I looked back and realized I was also psychically charged at that age in the sense that when the telephone would ring, I knew who it was before my parents answered the phone. I also knew if I was in big trouble from my parents before I even spoke to them hahaha.

Then the dreams began. When I dreamed those dreams would come true. As I started sharing this with my Mother, I found out that she as well dreamed and those dreams too came true. Finally, I felt like a little piece of me finally made sense. Almost like I belonged and was no longer an outcast. Someone else that I trusted and loved had a similar gift as I. Let me tell you though…I never could get away with much as a teenager because my gifted Mother who I love dearly always knew intuitively or dreamed what was going on. I only hope I can carry this on with my children.

Stay tuned for Blog 2, we are just getting started on MY Spiritual Journey…….

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