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House Blessings and Cleansings

Providing Everything You Need

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House Blessing

House Blessing = $150 CAD
House Blessing (In-Person)
Blessing a home (New or Old) clears the atmosphere of old stagnant energies. When one moves into a new home or blesses their old home at least once a year it will leave your home feeling fresh, comforting and energized. I will provide all supplies for your house blessing and will preform the blessing myself.

House Clearing
House Clearing = $250

Overtime negative residual energy can be built up in a home. This can be caused by traumatic events, arguments, bad luck and toxic relationships. Visitors who frequent your home can also bring negative and lower level energies into your home that can linger. Sometimes a home or property may have negative energies attached to them. The home owners may be affected by these negative energies without even noticing as they take over your thoughts, feelings and emotions. We all want to feel safe and secure in our homes. This powerful protective ritual turns your home into a spiritual fortress by banishing negative energies. I personally cleanse your home and put a protective barrier outside of your property. I provide all materials needed. Please be understanding most of the time I can remote view to see what I am dealing with. At times I cannot expose myself to those energies for my own safety as they are deep rooted or of a strong lower level energy/demonic. During those times I have to be cautious at what I may have attaching to myself and then bringing it home to my family and then may have to preform a cleansing/banishing ritual in my own home.



I take precautions of protections to the up most highest levels during all types of energy work, readings, blessings or cleansings. I do have a family so I do take it very seriously. I have been exposed to all types of forces throughout my life. Some I have been exposed to multiple times. There are some I continue to battle and they recognize my energy. With this being said some energies dissipate, some vanish and some move on to someone or somewhere else.

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