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Card Reading Services

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Angel Tarot Card Reading

30 Minutes = $85 CAD (Three card draw)

60 Minutes = $125 CAD (Ten card draw)
Divine Guidance is brought through this deck by consulting with the angels and archangels. i.e. With a three card spread you will think of your situation and a card will be pulled from the past with respect to your situation you inquired about. A second card will be pulled regarding the current status of the situation and what you need to know or need to work on right now. The third card pulled will pertain to the future if you continue on your present path and follow the guidance of the second card. Another example is Celtic Cross (a 10 card draw) can be used to answer questions about any situation. The guidance revealed will be the basis of your situation, the challenge, the past, the present, the near future and the likely outcome. Always remember you can always change your situation by having a positive.

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Goddess Guidance Oracle Card Reading

30 Minutes = $75 CAD

60 Minutes = $95 CAD

You will have the honour of being guided by various Goddesses from Celtic, Mayan, Egyptian, Greek, Tibetan, Buddhist and other traditions. They are powerful angelic and loving beings who are awaiting to guide you. They will provide guidance through all aspects of your life pertaining to life, finances, relationships, careers and on your spiritual path.

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Angel Oracle Card Reading

30 Minutes = $75 CAD

60 Minutes = $95 CAD

While using divine law I tap into the energy of the highest vibrations of angels and spirit guides. This energy comes from the most purest form of love and light, which will guide you in your own unique spiritual direction. We all have angels and guardians watching over us who provide Positive affirmations/encouragement for situations we have or will face in life. One just has to be open to receive the messages. Two of the ways I do readings is either through E-mail or Text, where I send you pictures/meanings of the cards I drew for you. Another is in-person of face to face video call. For new clients I will start with a past,present,future spread, then you are free to ask your own questions. Keep in mind if there is something that your higher divines does not want you to know they will avoid your question and show you what you need to know at that point in time.

MUrder of CRows.jpg

Murder of Crows Tarot Cards

30 Minutes = $85

60 Minutes = $125

Wanting a straight to the point no beating around the bush, good or bad answer....this deck is for you. These cards are  not for the light hearted. This deck is a gateway to a world of depths and distances, strange and captivating, far different than our mundane experiences. Are you ready to listen to the Wisdom of the Crows?


The Crow

Did you know the Crow is one of the smartest birds. They always remember a face. If you leave them shiny gifts they will bring you gifts in return. A crow's symbolisim represents change and transformation on many levels in one's life. This bird is full of inellegence. Be kind to them, watch them, listen to them and talk to them. 

For Entertainment Purposes Only

I will never diagnose, claim to cure or heal. I advise you that a card reading is for entertainment purposes only. What you choose do with the information is on you. Everyone has free will and can altar their paths at any time.

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